BEBoP (understandaBility vErifier for Business Process models) is a Java tool that supports business process designers in establishing whether a BPMN model comply with 50 understandability modelling guidelines. They were collected, synthesized and homogenized from available in literature.

Users can easy access BEBoP tool through any Web browser at the following link.  It has been also integrated in the Learn PAd modelling environment, and in the Apromore platform. The proposed tool is also offered as a service and can be easily integrated in any modeling tool.

Usage in Apromore
The BEBoP tool has been integrated into Apromore in the form of a plugin both for “Portal” and for “Editor” environment.
The Apromore Portal provides users with a way to navigate the model repository, having a general view over the stored models. From the portal environment one can select a BPMN model in the .bpmn format from Apromore’s repository and ask for a check of the understandability modeling guidelines calling the related plugin from the “BEBoP-Guidelines Check” item under the dropdown menu named “Analyze”. Once the user has requested the guidelines check, an additional tab in the portal is displayed reporting a list of the violated guidelines with name and description.
The Apromore Editor allows users to create models. From the Editor, a user can ask for a check of the understandability modeling guidelines over the model he is designing. The user is prompted with a window listing the violated guidelines and the BPMN elements that violate them. The window displayed to the user consists of two parts: a left part “Guidelines Violated” containing a grid with all the information about the BPMN elements violating the guidelines, and a right part “Guideline Description” displaying which guideline has been violated by which BPMN element. While the left part content is static, basically presenting the information about BPMN elements with: label, type and id of the element; the content on the right part dynamically changes based on which element of the grid the user selects. In this way, the name of the guideline, violated by the selected element, and its description, are displayed to the user. At the same time, when an element is selected from the grid, it is also highlighted, using the red color, in the actual graphical representation of the model. This allows a faster recognition of the BPMN element violating the guideline and leaves to the user the possibility to correct the guideline violation.
  • BEBoP source code available at github.