PURpose Parametric Log gEnerator


PURPLE (PURpose Parametric Log gEnerator) is an extensible progressive web app written in Java. It relies on a standard client/server architecture, where the side-by-side interactions are performed with HTTP requests. Thus, the PURPLE tool can run locally in the user machine or can be hosted on a remote server.

The tool instantiates the conceptual framework PURPLE. It automatically generates event logs from business models simulation. The PURPLE framework is meant to be parametric on the mining purpose, thus it can produce distinct event logs from the same model. Moreover, it supports the simulation of models in different languages, reconducting their execution on a common behavioral model, which is the labeled transition systems.

Thus, one can choose a modeling language (e.g., BPMN, DCR, Petri nets, WF-nets) and a mining purpose (e.g., rediscoverability, what-if analysis, compliance checking, decision mining). Finally, the guided simulator is the core of the framework that generates, the LTS of the input model using the semantic engine and explore the LTS to produce traces