X-IoT (read as cross-IoT) is a novel model-driven
approach that uses a high level of abstraction to realise
Cross-Platform IoT applications.

X-IoT Example:

Step 1

Modelling of the IoT scenario in a technology-independent mode.

Step 2

Choose the target platform. The environment requires application refinements based on this choice.

Step 3

IoT application code artefacts are generated and imported into the target platform.

How to try the approach

To test the entire approach we provide a Virtual Machine. This virtual machine contains:
– the X-IoT complete tool ready to run
– some examples to test the approach
– a step-by-step guide to generating IoT applications starting from the provided examples
– an already configured browser (Chrome) to visualise the generated applications inside different IoT Platforms


Flavio Corradini, Arianna Fedeli, Fabrizio Fornari, Andrea Polini and                Barbara Re, X-IoT: a model-driven approach for cross-platform IoT applications development, {SAC} '22: The 37th ACM/SIGAPP Symposium on Applied Computing, 1448-1451, ACM, 2022