BPMN-Redrawer is a tool for supporting the redrawing of BPMN models from .png images to actual .bpmn

BPMN-Redrawer makes usage of a machine learning approach for the training of models able to detect and extract BPMN Node elements, BPMN Connecting objects, and Text, from the source .png image. Then it combines the detected elements by “redrawing” the model in the .bpmn format.

After that, a user can directly download the resulting .bpmn file or edit the model thanks to the integration of the bpmn-js editor before actually downloading it.

The first version of the tool is able to recognise 35 BPMN elements. The machine learning models have been trained over BPMN models images derived from models stored on the RePROSitory platform, with the addition of some other images to increase the instances of certain elements that are not frequently present in those models.

A screenshot of the user interface after the redrawing is reported below.