BProVe Stand-Alone

The stand-alone version consists in a Java Application which can be downloaded from this dropbox link.

Step 1. Launch the BProVe_standalone.jar application by clicking over it.

Step 2. Load a BPMN model (try airline_model.bpmn) in this folder.

Step 3. Select a save path and insert a file name. The generated file will contain information of the verification such as: Parsed model from BPMN to BPMN Operational Semantics Syntax; information about element present in the model; result of the conducted verifications.

Step 4. Click over the GENERATE button

Step 5. If everything is ok, click over YES to proceed to the property verification menu

 Step 6. Choose one property to verify and click the respective “CHECK” button. WAIT for a result to be reported in the AREA at the bottom of the menu. NOTE: if a “False” result is returned, a file named “copia1.bpmn” will be generated presenting the original BPMN model with highlighted the element along the path violating the property. Each time a “False” result is returned that “copia1.bpmn” file is overwritten.


  • Java 1.7+