Digital Twin Modelling Notation

Digital Twin Modelling Notation (DTMN) is a graphical notation made available to Digital Twin’s practitioners for modelling and reasoning about Digital Twins.

In the above figure, we report different models that could be designed in representing and reasoning about digital twins.

These models represent in Figure (a) all the entities involved in a scenario, so to contextualise each digital twin and make it context-awareness.

Then, for each digital twin is possible to express specific information related to this.

In this sense, in Figure (b) a detailed representation of static information and concepts related to an air conditioner digital twin is provided. Instead, Figure (c) represents the entire air conditioner behaviour through the state machine diagram. Through this is possible to represent possible states in which the physical device can be with the aim to do simulation, prediction, and optimisation.
Finally, in Figure (d) the system application logic which describes the computations and actions the entire digital twin can perform. In this case, the entire meeting room logic is represented.