An Interdisciplinary Model-Driven Approach for Developing and Executing IoT-Enhanced Business Processes

By Arianna Fedeli, Fabrizio Fornari, Andrea Polini, Barbara Re, Victoria Torres, Pedro Valderas.

The FloBP approach is a conjunct work between the University of Camerino, Italy and the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain.

The Idea

FloBP is a model-driven engineering (MDE) approach separating concerns between the IoT and BPs, providing a structured and systematic approach to modelling and executing IoT-enhanced BPs.

The FloBP approach is based on modelling tools and a microservices architecture to deploy BPMN models, and it facilitates integration with the physical world, providing flexibility to support multiple IoT device technologies and their evolution.

How to try the approach:

To test the entire approach, we provide a Virtual Machine.

This virtual machine contains the following:
– A detailed guide for each used tool
– FloWare Platform to test the high-level events to send to the BP
– A docker container to run the Camunda engine and test the IoT-enhanced BP execution over already provided examples