Monitoring & Controlling · November 17, 2021


PURPLE (PURPose-guided Log gEnerator) is an automatic event log generator that implements a guided simulation approach for business process models. The tool is a progressive web app written in Java using the development framework Vaadin. This permits to use PURPLE from any operating system via any web browser.

The tool instantiates the conceptual framework PURPLE described in:

PURPLE automatically generates event logs from business model simulations. The figure depicts the components of the PURPLE framework: a semantic engine, a log evaluator, a trace evaluator, and a guided simulator. Except for the simulator that is fixed, the other components can be instantiated with the desired (i) semantic engine, to support a particular modeling language (e.g., BPMN, Petri Net); (ii) log evaluator, tailored to a mining purpose (e.g., process discovery, compliance checking); and (iii) trace evaluator, to specify the termination of a simulation run.